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Find My Places - application that allows you to save and find any geographic location.

- Save GPS, photo and notes
- Up to 10 locations
- Intuitively easy to use
- Saved location stored till you delete it, even at phone reboot
- Showing direction till arriving to location
- Opportunity to send location by SMS
- No in-adds and subscriptions
- Available in English, French, Spanish and Russian

Requirements: android phone or tablet, platform version 3.0.0 (API 11) or higher.

Download link:  Find My Places application

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Saving location

On main screen, press button "Save my location".
Enter desired location name (default is "My parking").
Enter desired location description - any text information that may help you to find your location - address, floor, row number etc.
If you want to save location picture, press button "Take picture" - it will open you phone's camera. Capture photo and accept it by clicking "√" or "Ok" button. 
You can save 1 photo associated to each location. If you take a new picture for same location, old one will be deleted automatically.

Using GPS

Your GPS position data retrieved automatically. If GPS is turned off in your phone settings, you'll see an offer to turn it on - do it. It may take few seconds to receive and precise GPS data - you'll see completeness notification. 
Pay attention - if you are indoors or on underground parking, obtaining GPS data may take longer or be impossible.

After GPS position data received, you can save your location: press "Save location" button - your location is saved, and you come back to main screen.

Finding location

On main screen, press button "Find my location".
On your locations list, choose desired location.
On locations details screen you see location name, notes - if were entered, location photo - if it was done, and "Show on map" button - if GPS data was saved. Press "Show on map" button to see the map with saved location (red mark) and your current position tracking. Distance between your current position and saved location is shown at the bottom of the screen. You can choose distance measure units appearance via "settings" on main screen.
When arrived, notification is shown and your position tracking stops to save battery.

New opportunity - Sending location as SMS

On main screen, press button "Find my location".
On your locations list, choose desired location.
If GPS data was saved and your devise supports sending SMS, button "Send location by SMS" would be active.

Press it to send SMS with your location marked on Google maps.


Common information

You can save up to 10 locations.
After saved 10 locations, you'll need to delete some old ones to save a new. To do so, enter to location details and press "Delete location" button.
When deleting location, all associated data is deleted - location' name, notes, GPS data, photo.
Application currently available in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
You can choose desired measure units via "Settings" on main screen.

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